Vibrant Entrepreneuress MasterMind

The one-of-a-kind MasterMind & Coaching Program ...
For Women Entrepreneurs & Business Women who want …
Vibrant Health. Peak Performance. Longevity

What You Get in the MasterMind ...

Vibrant Entrepreneuress

This is Jeunessima's flagship program.

Vibrant Entrepreneuress is a group for innovative learning, joyful experimentation, and an incubator of fresh approaches and ideas for busy women who want to be healthy, feel amazing & enjoy peak performance every day of their life ... maybe even live longer.

3 Months including …

  • Private Community with no more than 6 other Women Entrepreneurs & Executives for creating lasting relationships, sharing & support

  • Weekly Calls for new tips & ideas for your health, performance & longevity, exchange, support & inspiration

  • Private Coaching Sessions

  • Personal Vibrant Health & Longevity Plan with your roadmap to better health, higher performance, slowing aging & longevity ... Specific steps & actions that will help you to achieve your goals ... that you can easily fit into your lifestyle

  • 3-Day Vibrant Health & Longevity Intensive for a deep dive into your personal health, performance & rejuvenation

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Why Vibrant Entrepreneuress?

  • 62% of business women experience daily stress, more than men … according to Gallup. No surprise as business women play many roles: Business woman with incredible responsibilities, often wife and/or mother, daughter, friend, … Covid increased that burden even further

  • 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs feel tired, low, or have little energy at least once a week

  • Even though many entrepreneurs & business women thrive on it, stress is linked to poorer health and worse performance in the long-term … and has been linked to lower income … and chronic stress speeds up biological aging … leading to a downward spiral

  • Most body & brain functions peak in your 20s and will deteriorate after … leading to diseases over time. By the age of 65 about 80% of people have at least 1 chronic disease, 68% have 2 or more. For women, biological aging accelerates during menopause, where they age on average 9 years within just a few months

Working longer hours, more effort, and pushing yourself with different stimulants … without focusing on your own health and wellbeing … will inevitably lead to frustration, burnout, accelerated aging, … and with that a dwindling business and a shorter life with less time to turn your dreams into reality.

Why a MasterMind?

  • Connect with other women entrepreneurs and business women who are on the same journey

  • Opportunity to learn about different approaches, share experiences, hold yourself and others accountable, overcome challenges … and grow personally and as a group

  • According to a study from the Association for Talent Development, people who commit to a goal to just 1 other person, raise their chances of achieving it by 65%. Those with regular accountability and an opportunity to discuss improve their odds of achievement by 95%

What Topics Can You Expect?

We focus on what is important for YOU … based on your personal coaching goals, experiments & experiences.

  • Stress, Overwhelm & Burnout
  • Brain fog
  • Sleep for maximum repair, rejuvenation & high performance
  • Fasting (including intermittent fasting/eating and others)
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Movement that keeps you young & vital
  • The best nutrients for a busy woman’s life
  • Nootropics that optimize your mind
  • … What do you need right now?

The MasterMind is for Women Entrepreneurs & Business Women Who ...

  • Have plenty of dreams & want to make a true difference in the world … every day … at any age … for decades to come

  • Understand that they can only truly grow their business if they are healthy

  • Want to be the best entrepreneur or business leader they can be

  • Know that to be at their best they cannot rely on standard ‘healthcare’ (or as we call it ‘sickcare’) systems

  • Want to be biologically younger, so their body and mind can perform at their very best

  • Want practical steps that can be easily integrated into daily life … that make a massive difference

  • Aim to boost their personal impact beyond anything they thought possible

  • Want to surprise and exceed themselves

  • Want to maximize their potential, income & success while having vibrant health, freedom & a longer, more fulfilling life

How Can You Join the VIBRANT ENTREPRENEURESS MasterMind?

The MasterMind is by INVITATION ONLY. After receiving your application, we will have a call to talk about your goals.

The investment for this exclusive MasterMind is 3 monthly payments of $1,470 or 1 payment of $3,470.

The group will have up to 7 members … and we will invite only those women who are ready to grow & take action.

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