Menopause. Turn Down the Heat?

Are your dreading menopause & all its negative ‘side effects’ for your health & wellbeing? …

Are you maybe already suffering from low energy, hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, no interest in sex, weight gain, …?


Menopause. Turn Down the Heat?


… because you deserve to feel like yourself

BE your best Self in body, mind & spirit … for yourself … and for your family, friends, and your business

Avoid accelerated aging & aging-related diseases

Literally, every single woman goes through menopause … and 80% suffer from a variety of symptoms … 7 on average.


What is less known though is that your aging accelerates during menopause. Your body can age by, on average, 9 years! within just a few months.


It’s not surprising then that many aging-relating diseases really start around this time.


But …


Menopause is still a topic that is a big mystery to most. It is something that is not as much talked about and understood as it should be.


Let’s break the silence and talk about menopause!

Find out how you can prepare for it,

Thrive through it with ease.

How to use it as an opportunity to be healthier & happier for many decades to come


Join leading experts from around the world who share their top tips based on the latest science and BioFinesse/biohacking tips.


It is time to bring those ‘secrets’ out in the world so that you can live the life you love … with the body, mind & spirit you desire.


It can be so easy. There are plenty of simple ways & amazing tools you can easily integrate into your daily life.


Find out what they are!


Discover …

  • What every business woman should know about estrogen & menopause
  • How to thrive in business throughout menopause
  • Why the years before menopause are critical
  • How to avoid the steep increase in biological age when entering (peri)menopause
  • Your ovaries are your first organ to age
  • Can we postpone menopause or maybe even make it optional?
  • How to measure where you are in the menopause journey
  • Bone health & menopause
  • Avoid that dreaded weight gain
  • The most effective fitness & lifestyle tips to be full of energy & thrive in menopause
  • The best food for a vibrant midlife
  • Is fasting a good idea for women?
  • Supplements & peptides for your menopausal journey
  • How to enjoy sex again
  • What traveling & menopause have in common & how to beat the jet lag
  • The best apps & devices for (peri)menopause
  • Sleeping well … and through the night … again
  • The future of healthcare
  • … and much more 

Your time is valuable … so ...

  • You can join the conference from anywhere in the world … virtually
  • Each speaker shares his or her top tips in short 10-minute sessions … no fluff, just valuable tips you can immediately use in your own life 

And there’s more …


Connect Personally with the Experts 

Learning new things & discovering tips & ideas that work is great … but what if you could actually connect with the experts … and ask your own burning questions?


You can, we’ve set up Virtual Speaker Tables for you where you can meet the experts face-to-face (virtually anyway).


Meet Other Women from Around the World 

You’re not alone. Every single woman in the world goes through menopause at some stage.


Meet other women on the same journey as you … at our Virtual Networking Lounge Tables … or let us match you with different women in Fun 1-to-1 Speed Networking Sessions.


Discover Little-Known Innovative Products & Services to Thrive Through Menopause 

There are many products & services out there that can help you to thrive through menopause … Few women know about them.


Be one of the first in the world to discover them!


Join this unique event … and give yourself the chance to avoid all the pains associated with (peri)menopause … even postpone menopause.


Allow yourself to flourish & be your happiest, healthiest & most successful Self.

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