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Aging is genetic…or is it? A theory of aging explored

Editor-in-chief and CEO of Jeunessima, Dr. Ines O’Donovan delves deep into the theory of aging. Is it really all down to genetics? Find out the answer

Are you lying to yourself? How to have a well-balanced life

Acclaimed author of several time management books, Laura Vanderkam, shares her research and thoughts on creating balance in our lives

Resolutely France, pour moi

The story of one woman’s passionate relationship with France and her deep connection with the country’s history and heritage

Aging is in your hands

Beauty Saviors

Jeunessima Editor Karen, picks out her go-to time saving beauty products for an effortless look in minutes!

How a timeout can increase your productivity and keep your mind and body refreshed

Learn how taking a short break or two during a busy day can get you back in touch with your mind and body

Jeunessima News

Read the latest news on health, wellbeing and aging

8 Foods to make you look and feel younger

Can food really make you look younger? Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kellie Hill, shares her top 8 age-defying foods


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