Jeunessima Magazine 8. What is Aging?

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What is Aging?

Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Jeunessima, Dr. Ines O'Donovan, defines what aging means to her and how the way you think about aging might be negatively impacted by society.

Jeunessima Café: Staying Positive

Antonia asked: I realize that part of staying young is believing in it. But I find it very difficult to do so with everybody around me being negative and just accepting all the pains and wrinkles. What can I do?

Anti-Aging World Conference in Monaco

Go on a tour of the Anti-Aging World Conference held in Monaco.

Discover who you really are and shine as a Superstar

Personal Branding Expert & A list Celebrity Consultant, Ingrid Elver, shows us how to channel your inner 'Celebrity Frequency'.

Bioidentical Hormones: Can they help you live longer and stronger?

Award-winning investigative journalist Catherine Rourke shares with you if hormones are the fountain of youth.

Our secret to glowing skin

Do you want to look radiant and refreshed even when tired and exhausted? Here are some secrets of our Editor Karen Athwal

How to get a good night's sleep

What could be more important for your health than a full night's of sleep? Follow our tips and tricks to ensure every night is restful

Recipes for everlasting Youth: Natural Sleep Butter

Sometimes a simple home remedy can aid in a great night's sleep, this magical sleep butter will work like a charm.

Exercise yourself young

A simple routine you can fit in at any time of the day is key to a younger, more energetic body.

Panama - The Best Kept Secret in the Americas for Feeling, Looking and Staying Young

Take a trip and discover hidden secrets of Panama


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Letter from Ines O'Donovan, PhD. Editor-in-Chief

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