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Mindbank Ai. The Personal Digital Twin That Helps You Become Your Best Self

Have you ever wanted to know yourself better, truly understand your thoughts & feelings? With your personal digital twin in Mindbank Ai, you can. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, you can become your best self & even reach digital immortality 

Leslie Kenny: The Entrepreneur Who Optimized Her Health & Longevity Against All Odds

Read the inspiring story of entrepreneur Leslie Kenny, who healed herself from 2 autoimmune diseases & founded Oxford Healthspan, a longevity company that sells spermidine to optimize health & aging

The Future of Aging. Interviews with Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs. Part 7 

Thinking Yourself into Longevity. A Psychologist’s View on Creating a Long & Successful Life

Did you know that the most crucial factor for how long & successful your future will be is your longevity mindset? Discover in this interview with Dr Moss Jackson how you can use psychology to significantly impact your aging & life expectancy

The Narrative of Old Age

Old age is a narrative that has been guiding us for almost 200 years & makes us feel and accept something that we should not accept. Barbara Rey Actis shares how developments in health & vitality shaped the narrative

Unlocking Your Potential: Thriving as a Woman Leader in the Age of AI and Innovation 

Future of Leadership 2030. What Does It Take to Thrive as a Woman Over the Next Decade?

Have you ever thought about how your brain can help you achieve future success? Ines O’Donovan shares with you why prioritizing your brain health is essential for thriving as a leader in an increasingly digital world

Unleash Your Brain Power: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help You Boost Cognitive Performance

As technology advances & as we age, brain health becomes even more important for women entrepreneurs. Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can help you maximize your cognitive abilities & boost memory, learning & decision-making

An Introduction to Cognitive Decline … & What to Do About It

Taking care of your brain at any age is key for your overall health & wellbeing. Victor Björk gives you an introduction to cognitive decline, what you can do to prevent it & an outlook for the future

The State of Cognitive Longevity. How to Keep Your Mind Sharp into Old Age

Cognitive longevity is closely linked to aging & overall longevity. Read bioentrepreneur Alexey Strygin's suggestions for your brain health, cognitive function, cognitive impairment & dementia

The Nexus of Tomorrow: Pioneering Health, Longevity & Tech Innovations

Take a journey into the future of health, longevity & tech with Ines O'Donovan PhD. From super-longevity event RAADFest to consumer electronics show CES 2023, discover groundbreaking innovations that promise a more joyful, healthier and longer life

Jeunessima News. The latest Tips, Ideas & Research for Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

In this issue, you find tips on how to limit brain aging, boost neuroplasticity, memory & learning, get into a good mood instantly, and about brain implants and the emerging science of organoid intelligence

The Jeunessima Art of Ageless Living Guide

Discover a summary of our top tips & ideas from this magazine issue so you can enjoy your life more … every day … at any age

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