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Are Your NAD Supplements Working? Measure Your Intracellular NAD Levels with Jinfiniti

Women spend millions on health supplements, including NMN & NR to boost their NAD levels. You might be too. But are those supplements working? Are you taking the right dosage? Discover the intracellular NAD test from Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

Leading the Way to Longevity. An Interview with Bernadeane Brown, Co-Founder of People Unlimited

Bernadeane, 85, is a glowing example of a woman leader motivating others to break out of the ageism box & live an endless life. Discover some of the leadership qualities to succeed in an innovative field, how to overcome challenges & keep your energy up


Defeating the Villain of Aging. An Interview with Vagabond & Journalist Chip Walter

Aging is the true villain, says Chip Walter, Author of 'Immortality, Inc'. Discover in this part of our Future of Aging interview series what it means to be alive, how aging is changing & what shift is needed to overcome aging & death


Mitochondria. The Powerhouses of Your Cells That Can Help You Slow Aging

Mitochondria, tiny organelles, are often called the powerhouses of the cell as they help you turn your food into energy (ATP). Discover what they are, how they relate to women's health & aging & what you can do to boost mitochondrial function

Rapamycin. Slow Down Ageing Without Side Effects?

Are you wondering what would be the most efficient intervention to slow down ageing & increase lifespan? Then, this most recent research finding shared by researcher Dr Yu-Xuan Lu from Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing will be interesting for you

Introduction to Peptides. The “Tiny Proteins” That May Revolutionize Medicine and Reverse Aging

You have probably heard about peptides, those amino acids that have benefits for your health, skin, .... But can they truly revolutionize medicine & reverse aging? Nathalie Niddam shares why she believes this is the case … and what that means for you

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

We all know that seeing or hearing something funny makes us feel much better. But why do we laugh? What are the effects on the body? Dr Efi Roboit shares health benefits, how laughter and humor can help you with stress management, depression, pain, ...

Female Biorhythm. Why You Are Better Off Not Trying to Act Like a Man

What if you could plan your lifestyle around your hormones & female biorhythm to boost your unique cognitive and leadership abilities, decision-making, emotional intelligence & empathy while decreasing stress & getting more done? All backed by science. Claudia von Boeselager shares how

The Cool Art of Staying Healthy. Discover the Benefits of Cold Therapy for Women

Using cold therapy like cold showers, bathing in cold water or ice might sound uncomfortable, but it can have huge benefits for your health & wellness, your performance, and longevity, shares Dr Josephine Worseck. Discover how a little cold can improve your life

Jeunessima News. The latest Tips, Ideas & Research for Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

In this issue, you find tips on how to reduce fatigue, how to lose weight with more ease, microdosing for better mood & less stress, keeping your brain healthy as you age, and how women can overcome bacterial vaginosis

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