Jeunessima Magazine 25. Losing Weight the Joyful (and Healthy) Way

In Jeunessima Magazine 25 discover ...

A Breath Closer to Weight Loss and Well-Being

Of all the ways to lose weight and improve well-being, have you ever thought of … breathing? Discover a simple but effective device that can help women (and men) to breathe better.

How to Bloom in Every Phase of Your Life

Approaching her 40th birthday, former model & fashion photographer Denise Boomkens became insecure about aging. She went online to find inspiration in women who were aging naturally. But … she found very little. Read how she started her own movement.

The Best Tips From Jeunessima Clubhouse Chats

Discover some of the best tips & ideas around health,
aging & longevity CEOs, researchers, visionaries, practitioners, and women like you and us shared in our Clubhouse Chats.

Starting Your Weight Loss Journey … The Healthy & Joyful Way

Are you too thinking of your summer body? Unfortunately, for many women it’s more like a summer burden. The weight of our weight is a heavy load to carry! Discover Satya Nauth’ tips on starting your weight loss journey the fun … and easy … way.

The Future of Aging. Interviews with
Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs. Part 4

The Economic Collapse of Caring for the Aging Is Near. An Interview with Patrick Cox

Will you be among the last to die of old age or the first to
enjoy greatly extended youthful health? Discover why Patrick Cox believes that we are on the verge of an economic collapse of how we treat aging and the aged & the only way out of it.

Keto. The Woman’s Holy Grail for Weight Loss & Health?

KETO has become a big buzzword over the last years … and an opportunity for many women to lose that stubborn fat. Find out from Ines O’Donovan if it is truly as good as many people claim.

Rejuvenate with Fasting-Mimicking Diet and Keto Fast for a Longer & Healthier Life

Do you want to deeply rejuvenate your body … or do you just want to lose some weight? The fasting-mimicking diet or ketofast might be the solution for you. Tina Prodnik shares her experiences and tips.

Supercharge Your Digestion. The Dark Side of Poor Digestion

Do you ever feel bloated? Have stomach pain? Experience heartburn? Are you sometimes constipated or suffer from diarrhea? You’re probably suffering from indigestion. Wade Lightheart shares what that means for your health & what the worst culprits are.

Build a Stronger Body Even if You Are in Pain

Are you suffering from some pain in your body … or from other
limitations … that keep you from exercising? But you know that a strong body makes life easier, lets you look sexier & slows aging. Here is one way how Ines O’Donovan strengthens her body.

Music for Healing

Music is powerful. It can comfort you, lift
you up, inspire you. And it can heal. Discover the health benefits and how pianist Christopher Booth started writing music for mental health & what impact the women in his life had on his music.

Better Posture for Pain-Free Aging

Are you suffering from more neck pain, back pain, hip, knee, or
ankle pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, … as you age? Maybe you’re enduring regular headaches. Don’t blame aging. Blame poor posture and alignment. Brian Bradley shares why it is a gift.

Jeunessima News. The latest Tips, Ideas & Research for Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

In this issue, you find tips & research on how to lose weight naturally and with ease, how to keep your brain happy as you age & other tips and inspirations.


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