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No Green Thumb? No Problem. Grow the Most Nutritious Food in Your Own Home

Do you want to eat more plant-based meals, but you are suspicious about supermarket produce? Maybe you would love to grow some vegetables, but you have no time, space, or a green thumb? We have found the solution for you

Down the Exhausting Corporate Rabbit Hole … and Out Again

Are you feeling stuck in a career that might bring you the money & recognition you have been striving for, but your body, mind & soul are tired? Read the story of Shavita Kotak, who reinvented herself - from successful financial planner to vital yogi

The Best Tips From Jeunessima Clubhouse Chats

Discover some of the best tips & ideas around health, aging & longevity CEOs, researchers, visionaries, practitioners, and women like you and us shared in our Clubhouse Chats

Are You Being Fooled Into Thinking That You Are Old?

It is truly remarkable how even simple words or pictures can influence our bodies … even into being physically being older

The Future of Aging. Interviews with Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs. Part 3 

Is It Worth Investing in Aging and Longevity? An Interview with Sergey Young

Longevity investor & visionary Sergey Young paints a future where we are all billionaires & we live a happy life. Find out how he imagines our life at the age of 200 & the biggest challenge we face if we want to slow and eventually reverse aging

Betting on Longevity. An Interview with Professor Andrew J. Scott

In this interview, Professor Andrew J. Scott shares why he believes that measuring chronological age has created a wealth of problems & what we as a society … and you as an individual … can do to prepare yourself for a long life

Our Future is Transhuman. An Interview with Gennady Stolyarov II

Gennady Stolyarov II is a transhumanist who his passionate about never dying. In this interview about the Future of Aging, envision with him a future where your body converges with technology, perhaps even change your perception of death

Is This Topical Supplement the Fountain of Youth For Your Skin?

Are you slathering products on your skin, get treatments, and even eat healthy to slow skin aging? But nothing seems to really work? Read about a new topical shared by Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD, that rejuvenates your skin on a molecular level

Measuring Your Biological Age. Are Glycans the New Way To More Health and Longevity?

What if – with 1 simple test a home – you could measure how healthy your immune system is and your biological age? Read Ines O’Donovan’s story how I discovered that my husband of 20 years is 27 years my junior


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