Jeunessima Magazine 23. The Beauty of Being You.

In Jeunessima Magazine 23 discover ...

Pleasurable Jewelry. Would You Dare?

There are pleasures we talk about freely … Women experiencing sexual pleasure though is often an uncomfortable topic. But this is changing. Discover Crave’s Vesper necklace that combines pleasure, elegance & beauty

Giving up Does Not Exist in My Vocabulary. An Interview With 74-Year Young Hedda Adler-DiNucci About the Beauty of Being Yourself

Hedda can look back on an eventful life with ups & downs. But instead of enjoying retirement, she’s only starting. Becoming more of who she truly is. Read the interview with her on not giving up, overcoming setbacks & motivating herself again & again

Becoming The Woman You Are Meant To Be

Maya Lombarts felt locked inside her body. Doctors said she just had to accept the extreme pains & chronic fatigue of her fibromyalgia for the rest of her life. At the age of 15. Read how she freed herself & how you can too … whenever you feel trapped … at any age

The Future of Aging. Interviews with Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs

Write Your Life Book. An Interview with Liz Parrish

Discover what it means to Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva, to be alive, what dying has to do with book-burning, how you can write your own life book & how the future without aging could look like for children born in 2050

Aging Research Is Like a Puzzle Without Knowing What the Picture Will Look Like. An Interview with Dr Michael West

Dr Michael West is not worried about his own death but he is passionate about not losing loved ones. Find out why aging research is like a puzzle, what it means to be alive, if dying is noble & some aging research humor

Imagine a World Where You Just Keep On Living. An Interview with Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome, wants to make illness & aging optional. Discover in this interview how our future could look like, in which form we could feel truly alive & how curiosity & imagination kills old age, keeps you young & allows you to live forever

How Not To Lose Your Mind

The most important thing about surviving the stresses that life throws at us is making sure that we don’t lose our minds, both literally and figuratively. Discover Dr Sandra Kaufmann’s tips for keeping your brain healthy & reversing some of its aging

Super Longevity Portfolio. The Ultimate Investment for People Who Want To Live as Healthy & as Long as Possible

Our lifespan has been increasing & we are living longer. But how long will you live? And more importantly, how can you invest your time & energy to live as long as possible in exceptional health? Discover Dr Natasha Vita-More’s super longevity portfolio

CES 2021. The Future of Your Health, Wellbeing & Longevity Is Personal

What does the technology of the future look like? What gadgets, what services will you be able to use to live a healthier, happier, and maybe even longer life? Discover Jeunessima’s Top 5 Health & Wellness products that we discovered for you at CES 2021

Jeunessima News. The latest Tips, Ideas & Research for Your Health, Happiness & Longevity

In this issue, discover tips on how to live longer, beautify your skin, strengthen your willpower, overcome bad moods, how to get rid of migraines & chronic headaches with your diet & how you can restore your gut lining


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