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Shop for Your DNA

Going shopping can be a challenge. You have so many choices … thousands of different foods and drinks. But which one is right for you? Discover a new shopping wearable that finds the foods that help to switch on your good genes

How Long Do You Want to Live?

Find out in our Jeunessima Café what women around the world answered when asked this question

Climbing Mountains, Overcoming Challenges. An Interview with Supplement Researcher Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

We all climb mountains … most of us proverbial mountains. But some women climb actual mountains. Dr. Sandra Kaufmann is such a woman

The Future of Aging. Interviews with Leading Researchers, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs

Aging Is Easily the Most Serious Problem Facing Humanity. An Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, PhD

Discover why Dr Aubrey de Grey, one of the most provocative theoreticians in gerontology and rejuvenation, believes that aging is the biggest problem humanity faces right now and what happens once age reversal becomes reality

Living is the Greatest Thing that Ever Happened. An Interview with Dr. Bill Andrews, PhD

Find out why Dr Bill Andrews, a CEO determined to find a cure for aging, believes that living is the greatest thing. How long he wants to live. And what he would do if is ultra-marathon runner legs would get cut off or if he would lose his brain

The Power of Body and Mind. An Interview with James Strole & Bernadeane

Discover why James Strole & Bernadeane, co-hosts of RAADFest, a conference for superlongevity and immortality enthusiasts, believe that with just the right aliveness attitude & the power of your body and mind, you can achieve superlongevity and immortality

Fisetin. The Low-Hanging Fruit for Health and Longevity?

Fisetin is a somewhat esoteric, little-known substance … and supplement … that we should all get to know. Dr Sandra Kaufmann shares some of its benefits for health and longevity

How Can You Measure Your Biological Age?

You know how many years you are alive, your chronological age. But what about your biological age? Are your body & mind younger or older than your chronological age? Margaretta Colangelo shares the latest developments on biomarkers of aging and longevity

What Is the One Thing I Should Do for My Longevity?

There are so many ways you can impact your longevity, so many dietary choices, supplements, so many new antiaging protocols. But if you’re really serious about taking charge of your longevity, Joe Bardin shares the only answer there is


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