Jeunessima Magazine 21. How to Be a Confident Woman at Any Age

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Getting Cheeky With Resveratrol

We have discovered an award-winning resveratrol supplement for you that your body can easily absorb

The Importance of Being You. Interview with Entrepreneuress Sommer Renaldo

You have unique talents, skills & passions that you can bring to the world. Read Sommer’s story & discover her best tips on how you can use what you’ve got and live a confident, fulfilling & abundant life

Are You Allowing Your Impostor Syndrome to Be Your Loudest Critic?

Do others claim you are successful? Yet … you just cannot stop hearing that nagging voice inside your head that tells you that you are just an impostor? Read what women like Michelle Obama & Jodie Foster say about this

Less Is More. the Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting the Most Benefits for Her Fitness in the Least Amount of Time!

You might be exercising too much! Learn why doing too much exercise is actually damaging your body and why you to need to give your body some rest

Charge up Your Brain. Boost Your Performance … With Modafinil

Do you wish to be more productive? To have a clearer head, more motivation? … To achieve more? See how the nootropic modafinil can help

21 Mantras That Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes you just need a little reminder how valuable you are to defeat your self-doubts and bring you more confidence. Here are a 21 mantras & affirmations we have prepared for you

Confidence Is Sexy. 6 Things to Gain Confidence in the Bedroom

Discover Amanda Walker’s 6 tips on how to improve your confidence in the bedroom that will also help you regain more power and confidence in other parts of your life

Good Posture Is the Best Confidence Boost

Are you sitting the whole day long …slouching … feeling sluggish, absent-minded, maybe even somewhat useless? Read Charlotte’s story about the link between posture & self-confidence and what YOU can do to be more confident

Jeunessima News & Tips

Get the latest tips, tricks and research on how to live fabulous over 40, 50, 60, …? Learn about boosting confidence, longevity, estrogen & mood and about melting fat away

The Year of Wearables at CES 2019

2019 was the year of wearables, health & fitness at CES … Discover bracelets that reduce stress, heat you up & cool you down, a necklace that reverses aging, …


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