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Balancing Your Life with Smart Jewelry

Life is all about balance - yin and yang. But when is the best time to challenge yourself, and when is it better to take it easy?


Burnout … A Very Personal Look into the Life of Jeunessima Publisher Dr Ines O’Donovan

I was so tired … but everything I could think about was my new project, so exciting. It would help me achieve all the goals I had set for myself. And then … I broke down … burnout.” Watch this very personal story of Jeunessima founder Ines O’Donovan


Stop Burnout … Before it is Too Late!

Are you burning out right now? Burnout doesn’t happen suddenly but is a long and slow process, so long we don’t even realize we burn out. Check the signs to see if you are on the way to burning out


The Art of Living. What We Can Learn From Iconic French Women

What is it about French women that creates this je ne sais quoi that allows them to stand out in any situation? Read how iconic women like Joan of Arc, Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Ines de la Fressange, Carla Bruni, and others did it


Enjoying Life More ... A Journey from Loneliness to Fulfilment

Being a business woman or entrepreneur can be very lonely. Find out why it is absolutely essential for you, your business success, and your longevity, to have female friends and be part of women’s networks. And how to find the right network for you


A Call for Imagination. The Key to a long & happy Life

Do you want to live a long life with joy and a vibrant body and mind? Find out what path 73-year young, award-winning author Hedda Adler proposes and lives herself


The Power of Gratitude

We very often hear: “Be grateful that you got this”, “Be thankful that it didn’t get worse” – many times said only as an empty phrase. But what is gratitude really? And does it have some power that we can use for living a better, more joyful life?


Jeunessima News

Get the latest tips, tricks, and research on how to live fabulous over 40, 50, 60, …and beyond

Living Healthier. Living Longer. Living More Beautifully. The Latest News From International Conferences

Learn from what leading experts and companies have shared at the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco, VitaFoods in Switzerland and the Biohacker Summit in Sweden


Choosing a Wine You Will Love

Have you ever walked into a specialist wine shop, or down a wine aisle in a supermarket, and felt completely overwhelmed by the choice on offer? Here is a simple way to find a wine that you’ll love


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Letter from Ines O'Donovan, PhD. Editor-in-Chief

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