Jeunessima Magazine 16. Yes, It's Okay to Indulge and Enjoy!

In Jeunessima Magazine 16 Discover ...


Caloric Restriction. The Live-Happily-Ever-After Theory of Aging?

Uncovering yet another theory of aging, we tackle the Caloric Reduction Theory. Can a long-term lifestyle change in your diet really lead you to a longer life?


The Pleasure of Living. Portrait of Christiane Northrup

Should indulging be part of our daily lives? Read what New York Times Bestselling Author Christiane Northrup thinks about this


A Me Day. It is Time for Some Self-Love

Discover how taking some time for yourself will benefit you and the people around you … and how to have a rejuvenating & happy ‘Me Day’


The Art of Sunbathing

How to get your melanin going … and get a beautiful tan


Indulging in Exercise. Strenuous Exercise is Not Always the Best Solution

Do you really need a lot of exercise to stay fit, young and healthy? Find out why sometimes less is more


Jeunessima News

Discover some of the most powerful spices to speed up recovery and live longer and healthier. And find out what researchers have developed to keep wrinkles in check


Giving Your Skin a Boost. The Best Creams and Serums to Repair Your Skin Overnight

Sometimes your skin needs a little help to look its best. See the best products that Jeunessima team member Varsha Muckatira has discovered for you


The 4 Make-Up Must-Haves for the Woman Over 40

You only need 4 products that give you that sophisticated and fresh look at any time

Eating What You Want Might be the Best Diet. Moderation, Not Deprivation

Are you craving chocolate right now? Or a glass of delicious wine? What if we told you that you can and you should let yourself indulge?


Jeunessima Recipes

Coffee and chocolate are often damned as ‘bad food’; but, at Jeunessima, we want to show you the benefits you can get from them along with sharing recipes to get the best of those two delicious treats


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Letter from Ines O'Donovan, PhD. Editor-in-Chief

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