Jeunessima Magazine 14. Feeling Young is Holistic

In Jeunessima Magazine 14 Discover ...

Indulge in Water

Are you getting enough water? Discover the Thermos Connected Hydrations Bottle, the fool-proof way to staying hydrated!

Telomeres. The ‘Bomb-Fuse’ Theory of Aging. Can it be de-fused?

Dr. Ines O’Donovan explores the Telomeres and their role in aging.

Bio-hacking: What is it?

Have you been wondering how to slow down the aging process and increase the performance of your body and mind? Learn more about bio-hacking and how to become your best Self.

Why would you want to Bio-hack your Body & Mind?

Claudia Romeo interviews 3 international Women Bio-Hackers

Menopausal Relief from an Herbal Perspective

Dr. I. Sandford Schwartz shares his secrets on a special plant to ameliorate menopausal symptoms

The 5 Tibetans

Mystic Rites that help you feel young

How to eat your way to fabulous

Read about the best foods to keep you healthy and beautiful

Totality. Interview with a Yoga Master

Ines O’Donovan interviews V.K. Kansal, Yoga Master from India, about the totality state of mind.

Can your friends keep you young?

Learn how keeping close connections can help you slow aging and live longer

Look Fabulous, feel fabulous

Discover how your self-image can make you feel more confident and youthful


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Letter from Ines O'Donovan, PhD. Editor-in-Chief

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