Jeunessima Magazine 11. Turn Negatives Into Positives.

In Jeunessima Magazine 11 Discover ...

Jeunessima Indulge

Discover the new premium lifestyle drink that boosts your immune system and restores your energy.

Jeunessima Café

What does happiness mean to you? Hear what JWomen around the world have to say

Chickens and Boffins: The ‘Limited Number of Cell Divisions’ Theory of Aging

Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Jeunessima, Dr. Ines O’Donovan explores the ‘Limited Number of Cell Divisions’ aging theory, as part of her theory of ageing series.

How to overcome negative thoughts

Learn how negative thinking affects our lives and how to find positivity and balance outside of negative thoughts.

Release what is stopping you

Release the fear that is holding you back and overcome stress in your life

Why it’s important to be kind. The view of a former Employee

The co-founder and managing director of Spa Breaks gives her perspective of the importance of kindness in working environments.

The effect of toxic relationships on body, mind & soul

How can you stop toxic relationships from negatively affecting your health and wellbeing? Discover the key steps to forgiveness and letting go.

Living in the City. Air Pollution and Aging Skin

City life offers many good points, but it also contributes to aging skin. Follow our guide to protect your complexion from pollution and environmental aggressors.

Look good. Feel great

It’s time to embrace the silver hair trend and go natural!

Eat your Way to a more positive Mood

Do you want to feel happier and healthier in life? The key is in your diet


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