How to Lose Weight Over 40, 50 & Beyond ... Without Dieting?

Have you been active all your life and now that you're into your 40s, 50s, ... that extra weight just keeps piling on?

And the methods you've been using so far just don't work anymore?

Discover what actually works to get rid of that extra weight ... with ease ... based on science ... with some BioFinesse (feminine biohacking) tips mixed in, of course.

7 Lessons

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Introduction to the Course

What is this course about? Get a brief introduction

Your Instructor: Ines O'Donovan, PhD

Meet Your Course Instructor Ines O'Donovan


What happens when you get into your 40s & 50s?

Find out what happens to your body so you gain weight

1. How to Use Sleep as a Way to Lose Weight

Good sleep is a powerful tool to keep your weight down

2. How to Fast Your Way to Weight Loss ... Without Starving Yourself

How to use intermittent eating to lose weight

3. Ways to Reducing Stress So Your Body Does Not Want to Store Fat

Did you know that stress increases the changes that your body stores fat? Find out more


Extra Weight Loss Tips for Overachievers