Coaching with Dr Ines O'Donovan, PhD. Founder of Jeunessima & Editor-in-Chief of Jeunessima Magazine

Learning about research and discovering tips & tricks on how to be healthier, happier ... and live longer from Ines O'Donovan's weekly Ageless Lifestyle tips, the Jeunessima Magazine, or even the Jeunessima Academy courses ... or other sources ... is great.

But there are times when it's much more effective (time, effort ... and money-wise) to get a coach who has been doing what you want to achieve for decades and has helped plenty of people.

Instead of spending countless hours, days ... or even months or years to discover what might work for you and trying to find out what is BS ... 

(and there's a lot of BS out there. Just ask those 'gurus' who promise you to lose weight, have more energy, perform better, have a sharper mind, live longer, ... (you name it) for their biological age. Most of them are biologically older than their age even though their programs might bring short-term results) ... 

... it's so much easier to ask somebody who has done it.

Dr Ines O'Donovan, PhD ... is the coach & mentor for you if you want to live an extraordinary life with vibrant health, peak performance & longevity.

Who is Ines O'Donovan?

Ines O’Donovan, PhD in Leadership & MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Founder & CEO of Jeunessima. Editor-in-Chief of Jeunessima Magazine
Biologically 29 Years Younger than Her Age

Ines is a Health & Longevity Futurist & Speaker and is always on the lookout for the latest research, technologies & approaches interviewing leading researchers, visionaries, CEOs & practitioners.

She 'translates' research into practical tips that can be easily integrated into daily life.

As one of the first BioFinessers (female biohackers) in the world, Ines has been & keeps testing the latest techniques & devices to explore what works best.

Nevertheless, it is the very simple techniques she uses in her own life that make her biologically 29 years younger than her chronological age … which places her in the Top 3% of people.

Ines shares the information she discovers and practical tips with women all around the world.

She publishes Jeunessima Magazine, a health, aging & longevity magazine for women.

And she offers 1-to-1 Coaching to women entrepreneurs & executives.

In addition to this, Ines leads Future Living, Health, Performance & Longevity challenges, and corporate leadership workshops.

Coaching & Mentoring With Ines

Some of the topics Ines coaches & mentors on ...

- How to be biologically younger, so you can do & achieve more now ... and live longer healthier

- Longevity

- How to have a sharper mind

- Losing weight the easy, healthy & sustainable way

- How to overcome stress (and even burnout) ... Ines had burnt out herself & went against the doctor's 'recommendations' & healed herself naturally

- The latest technologies, products & services that keep you healthy ... and might help you live longer

- BioFinesse (Jeunessima's feminine version of biohacking) tips & tricks that help you to be your very best Self

All coaching & mentoring takes place on Zoom.

Single Coaching Session or a Series?

In the beginning, you choose a single coaching session ... and if this is all you want, then you get tips & ideas right there in that session.

If you're wondering about a series of coaching sessions to get the best support and accountability, we will explore in your very first session what exactly you need & if coaching is the best way for you.

If we go ahead & you book a series of sessions, you'll get the 1st session for FREE and we deduct the amount paid from your coaching package.

Next Steps

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